Nice to meet you,
Dr. Hadar Israeli

I would like to formally introduce myself; I am Dr. Hadar Israeli,

A plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic medicine as well as the Department Director of Plastic Surgery  of `Breasts and Breast Reconstruction at Assuta Medical Center in Ashdod. But first and foremost, I am a wife and a mother of four.

History and professional experience

Dr. Hadar Israeli studied medicine at the Technion: Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine. She continued at Sheba Medical Center through her internship leading her to becoming a senior physician until 2018. During that time she engaged in breast reconstructions, post-bariatric surgeries and burn reconstruction procedures.

In 2016, Israeli flew to Beverly Hills, California where she studied and specialized in laser liposuction technology under leaders of body sculpting surgery.

Today, she specializes in a wide range of  plastic and aesthetic surgery and has her own private practice in Tel Aviv and Kiryat Ono.

Available Treatments include:

  • Post-bariatric reconstructive surgery
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast reconstruction following breast cancer
  • Tummy tuck asymmetry correction
  • Liposuction
  • Facial and neck surgeries
  • Vaginal aesthetic surgeries
  • Mommy Makeover
  • Laser treatments: pigmentation and vein removal
  • Dermal Filler: wrinkles, facial sculpting, reduction of scar appearance


“My mission is for my patients to fall in love with themselves”.

“Grateful every day for the privilege of observing at first hand the changes my patients experience with my assistance, allowing them to regain self-confidence and self-esteem”.

A little about me

Dr. Hadar Israeli is currently offering her services, providing consultations at two private clinic practices in Tel Aviv or Kiryat Ono. During the consultation, Israeli will personally meet and discuss the expectations of your vision for your physical self.

Together you will discuss what bothers you the ultimate goals you would like to achieve. Isaeli will then address the procedures available specifically to your needs, body structure and health condition. Jointly, a fully personalized treatment plan will be built answering all questions and concerns.

Dr. Israeli makes a point to personally accompany her patients through every step of the process. Beginning with the consultation, decision-making and through procedures/surgeries. It is important to her to follow up with all her patients ensuring full satisfaction is met and the results of the procedures are maintained.

Working with women and being able to provide intimate procedure services available to them is a great privilege. Being a woman who has experienced multiple births herself, Israeli can better relate on these issues giving her a better understanding, allowing her to be more attentive with women’s personal body issues.

“I love connecting with women and appreciate the understanding that exists between us. A woman who has had breast cancer and underwent a mastectomy, naturally experiences loss of femininity and body-image insecurity. I can relate to my patients from a feminine perspective, which is vital when it concerns intimate treatments and surgeries such as breast augmentations  and gynecological aesthetics.”

In general, plastic surgery will bring about a dramatic change in your self-image and body image. A few of the procedures offered include: Tummy tuck, breast implants, breast, thigh and arm lift, postpartum and weight loss surgeries, as well as liposuction.

The main goal is to enhance appearance to one’s satisfaction while maintaining a natural look and most importantly maintaining your personality.

Israeli has assisted in surgeries with world-renown surgeons exposing her to a vast range of techniques and experience allowing her to develop her own unique techniques to improve cosmetic results with minimal  residual evidence of the procedure.

Dr. Hadar Israeli

Studies & Advanced Training

The first step in fulfilling my ambitions was to set personal goals.

Dr. Hadar Israeli is a graduate of the Baruch Rapaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion, a graduate specializing in plastic surgery at Sheba Hospital, and a Beverly Hills hospital graduate. Dr. Israeli specializes in post-weight loss surgeries and body sculpting surgeries using advanced American methods.

Dr. Israeli conducts professional training and tutoring in the field of plastic surgery and is a pioneer in the treatment of laser liposuction technologies.


Israeli Association of Plastic Surgery Award for Outstanding Work.

Elkin Prize for Surgical Research.

Mali Ohali Award and more.


Professional Memberships:

Member of the Israel Medical Association.

Member of ASPS – the Israeli Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.


About My Clinics

I believe that the satisfaction of my clients begins even before they arrive for treatment, at the stage of thoughts and deliberations. 

The level of service and uncompromising professionalism my staff provide, are a fundamental part of my vision. Understanding my patients’ sensitive situation is a primary concern, treated with the highest level of consideration.

After all, we are talking about our body and not a garment that can be replaced with a wave of the hand if it does not suit you.

I choose to work with female colleagues as I truly believe that they are best suited to accompany my clients from the stage of initial inquiries, through personal counseling sessions with me, to the ongoing relationship that continues long after the treatment itself.

I chose to call my clinics: ” Houses of Beauty” because my clinics are first and foremost a home for my clients. A place where they can feel confident and open, a place where they know they will receive precise advice and guidance and the best professional care they and their body deserve. 

ד”ר הדר ישראלי

Medical Team

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Valentina Surkin

שיר עדיני

Dr Shir Adini Menuchin

Aesthetic Doctor & Head of Injections field
אינה מקרנה

Ina Lisa Makaria

RN.OR. M.Em Medical Tattoo Technician

Team Members

אלה בן נון - מנהלת הקליניקות

Ella Ben Noon

Clinic Manager
יעל פיפקביץ - מנהלת אדמינסטרציה ומתאמת

Yael Pipkevitch

Administration Manager
גלית הלפרן - מנהלת שיווק ומתאמת

Galit Halpern

Marketing Manager
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Iris Mor

ג'ני קרנאוך

Jenny Karnauh




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