Laser & RF treatments for skin narrowing, capillary removal & pigmentation

From the dawn of history, we have been seeking to find the magic formula against facial skin aging. Women seek to remain young-looking, and beauty is part of our intelligent being. We constantly try to maintain and enhance our appearance by applying creams, serums, masks in addition to cosmetic treatments, to help us stay fresh and attractive.


If in the past facelifts were the most common and effective sought-after treatments, which require various restrictions and prolonged recovery, today there are various innovative, non-surgical technologies that have revolutionized facial treatments and existing solutions for acne, scars, pigmentation and wrinkles. These new technologies are performed easily and simply using radio and laser waves.


I recommend that you start with non-surgical treatments as the skin aging process begins,  around the age of 30, to rejuvenate your skin.

Laser treatments effectively treat pigmentation removal, skin rejuvenation, non-surgical stretching and volume restoration.

These treatments are also suitable for those who have dark skin and the treatments can be performed all year round, even during the summer, without fear of pigmentation.

, הסרת נגעי עור, טיפול בצלקות

About the Procedure

If you suffer from skin anomalies such as: warts, acne, scars, skin tags, stretch marks or any other condition that makes you feel uncomfortable and affects your self-image, I am happy to be able to tell you about the most advanced laser technologies. These technologies produce amazing results in the treatment of anomalies.
I truly understand skin anomalies constitute an aesthetic issue and if they are in exposed areas like the face, neck, chest, arms or hands, they may greatly damage one’s self-image.
Men may also be bothered by different kinds of skin anomalies while shaving, for example.
The new laser technology for removing skin anomalies and skin tags has been proved to be most effective. A skin anomaly that has been removed using laser technology does not usually leave a mark or scar and in most cases the skin will appear smooth and even.
The treatments are approved by the Ministry of Health and the FDA.

The treatment does not require any preparations in advance. It is not painful, does not require anesthetics and is not invasive.
The role of the laser beam is to allow the skin to renew naturally.
I adjust the laser beam to the size and depth of the anomaly without causing damage to healthy surrounding tissue.
The treatment only takes a few minutes. The result is smooth and even skin. In most cases the treatment will be one-time only but sometimes repeat treatments are required to achieve the required result.
In the event there is a medical reason for removing the skin anomaly (if there is suspicion that it may be malignant or precancerous), the anomaly must be removed, sent for examination and testing as quickly as possible. In this case we will perform a surgical procedure that consists of taking a sample of the anomaly for precise diagnosis.

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כותרת סרטון הדר ישראלי מדברת על ניתוחי חזה

A Personal Tip:

Laser therapy is the smart, quickest and most effective treatment for removing a skin anomaly in the facial area, the cleavage and any other viable or concealed area….

Questions and Answers

Capillaries are small blood vessels that allow blood to travel from arteries to veins. Sometimes the capillaries become engorged causing them to expand and protrude appearing as small blue lines on the dermis, the topmost layer of skin. The capillaries are only an aesthetic issue and do not pose any health problems. Many women seeking a solution to this condition at the clinic, say they refrain from wearing short clothing.
We offer advanced laser technologies that enable the permanent removal of capillaries from the face and legs.

Plantar warts are painful warts that appear on the bottom of the foot that impede standing and walking. The laser technology works on gradually removing the wart, penetrating the root of the wart and the skin heals naturally.
It is important for me to highlight that viral warts can be removed in any area of the body in one session of laser therapy, while the intensity of the device is regulated according to the type, size and location of the wart.
This treatment is completely safe, without anesthetics or sutures and the end result is absolutely amazing without any marks or scarring.

Xanthelasma are yellow cholesterol deposits that usually occur on the upper and lower eyelids. Like other anomalies, xanthelasma does not pose a health risk however it is distressing and unattractive. Treatment with laser results in an even and aesthetic appearance without any scars or marks.
I use a controlled form of laser therapy, treating the affected areas which turn into small scabs that dry up, and fall off and the skin renews itself in a natural healing process.
After the scab has formed, the body signals the skin to commence natural healing in the area and the skin renewal process begins until a smooth and even appearance is achieved.
This treatment is completely safe and does not involve anesthetics or sutures. It is not invasive or painful and does not involve a lengthy healing period.

Acne is a skin condition caused by over secretion of the skin’s sebaceous glands.
Acne appears mainly in teenagers, but also sometime in adults. It can have a dramatic effect on self-image. Following technological developments, laser therapy produces particularly good results. During the treatment I direct the laser at the skin cells surrounding the affected area. The laser penetrates the sebaceous glands, changing the tissue structure as a result.
The treatment promotes the formation of collagen and elastin that encourages the renewal of skin cells followed by the disappearance of acne scars.
It is also important to note that laser therapy kills bacteria and germs responsible for the appearance of acne.

Laser therapy is not invasive and it is not painful.

The uncommon side effects are: scab formation, redness and very rarely slight swelling for a few days, which is immediately followed by the skin undergoing a process of healing and renewal.

Laser treatment leaves minimal, or no scarring and you will be able to return to your full routine immediately.
It is recommended to not wet the area for 24 hours after removal of the anomaly.
If butterfly dressings are used, they will fall off on their own.
If non-dissolvable sutures have been used, they should be removed about 5 days after removal of the It is recommended to not wet the area for 24 hours after removal of the anomaly.
It is recommended to not expose the treated area to the sun for 18 months (this area can be covered with a band-aid at the beach).
In cases where a biopsy has been taken, you will receive an answer within four weeks.
It is recommended to avoid physical stress of the treated area for approximately 6 weeks and to avoid swimming pools or swimming in the sea for two weeks.

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