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When our ears are not proportional to the head, or if they protrude, it greatly affects our desire to expose them…not matter our age. This condition greatly affects self-image, and for girls it can be especially embarrassing when they have to put their hair up. As mentioned, this condition can be embarrassing at any age, and we continue to attempt to conceal our ears.
Ear pinning surgery is a cosmetic procedure for correcting protruding ears. The procedure can change the shape, position, or size of the ears. This is a simple procedure, with immediate results enabling a quick return to routine. The results of the procedure change your entire perception of self-image.
For many, having protruding ears can undermine their self-confidence, but I promise you that this can be treated with a relatively easy procedure. The surgery can greatly improve not only the shape of the ears but also your own, personal feeling which is none the less important.
This procedure is common mainly among young children and adolescents up to the age of 20. I invite you for a personal consultation, in which I will provide you with all the information you need on the subject.

About the Procedure

If your ears protrude, or they are too large in proportion to your head, you should consider ear pinning surgery. This is considered a simple operation and does not involve great risks.
The purpose of the surgery is to create an aesthetic appearance of the ears and face by drawing the ears closer to the scalp, making them less prominent.
The surgical technique performed includes making an incision behind the ear or in the natural folds, removal or trimming of cartilage or skin, refolding, and reshaping the cartilage and closing with sutures. The incision is made behind the ear or inside the folds, therefore any scarring is not visible.
It is important to note that this surgery does not have any impact on hearing and should not harm the quality of hearing.
Every operation begins with a personal consultation with me, during which we will focus on the coordination of mutual expectations. During the consultation I provide a comprehensive explanation about the procedure, results that can be achieved and, of course, to eliminate any worries. I am happy to answer any question.

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A Personal Tip:

Our ears are distinguishing features. If their appearance has a negative impact on the whole aesthetic perception of your face, I promise you that this small procedure makes a huge change that will positively affect your self-image.

Questions and Answers

This procedure is quick and lasts approximately one to two hours.

If you feel that your ears protrude too much and as a result you feel uncomfortable and unconfident.
If you feel that your ears are asymmetrical, or they are too large.
Ear pinning surgery can also be performed on children over the age of 6 who maybe teased as a result of their appearance. Often these children will have long hair or hide their ears with a hat to avoid embarrassment.

You will be required to undergo blood tests as part of your preparation. It is recommended to stop taking blood thinners such as Aspirin or Coumadin, at least two weeks prior to the procedure.
I will require your full medical history and whether you are taking medication regularly or temporarily.
It is also recommended to stop smoking at least one month before surgery and also one month after surgery.
The night prior to the procedure you must thoroughly wash your hair, face and ears and dry the areas with a clean towel. You must fast eight hours before surgery (including any fluids, chewing gum and smoking).

In the first phase I will administer a local or general anesthetics, according to a mutual decision based on the option you prefer.
Afterwards I will make a small incision behind the ears to expose the cartilages. The desired changes will be performed, for example pinning the ears closer to the scalp.
Upon concluding the procedure, I will suture the skin and wrap a bandage around the head in order to protect the ears. The sutures are dissolvable, so there is no need to come in to have them removed.

Complications in ear pinning surgery are exceedingly rare. However, as in every kind of surgery, there are possible risks.
It is important that I explain the problems that may arise in result of the procedure.
Infection – infection of the skin and cartilage is quite rare. In the event of infection, antibiotics will be prescribed.
Bleeding – there will be slight bleeding on the day of the surgery which will subside naturally.
Scars – the incision is made behind the ear and is therefore not visible. In rare cases the scar may thicken (this is called keloid), in this case we will treat the keloid with steroid injections and, if needed, removal of the scar.
Asymmetry – will be corrected if required.
I will state in addition that despite this being ear surgery there is no danger of harm to hearing as part of the risks.

After surgery there is a recovery period of several hours, duration, after which you will be able to return home.
Pain can be treated with pain relief medication such as Paracetamol and Optalgin.
Following surgery, the head will be bandaged in order to protect the ears from infections and maintain their new shape. The bandage will no longer be required after one week.
It is recommended to sleep on your back and not on one side (on the ears) for the first two weeks after surgery.
It is important to avoid strenuous sport activities for the first six weeks after surgery, except for short walks.
It is recommended to avoid swimming in the sea or in a pool for approximately one month.

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