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A double chin is something that grandmothers always have…. until you look in the mirror and see that you seem to be getting one too. It bothers us when we look in the mirror (do you also sneak a look at your profile to see how much it is noticeable?), it bothers us in photos, and it is most frustrating when we lose weight and find that extra chin is here to stay. Usually, a double chin looks aesthetically unacceptable, and is something we would rather live without. One of the most popular and sought-after surgeries in the field of aesthetic procedures for men and women is chin liposuction. Chin fat is not necessarily a characteristic of fat or overweight people, but also thin people who perceive their double chin as unattractive.

About the Procedure

If you have had enough of an unflattering double chin that makes you feel uncomfortable or prefer to avoid having your photograph taken and have a negative self-image, you should opt for a chin liposuction procedure.
This procedure is not complicated, and the results are good. The reasons for fat accumulation in the chin area are not necessarily due to being overweight.
Although the fast food we consume these days contains large amounts of fat and gaining weight is evident, sometimes, even when you eat a balanced diet, the stubborn reserves of fat remain in certain areas of the body and refuse to budge…one of these areas is the chin.
Another reason is genetics. Some people who are very thin have a double chin, the reason is that their genetic structure is the type that accumulates fat in the chin area. In most cases, one can also see a double chin on the parents of the patient.
Liposuction is an aesthetic surgery that alters and improves the facial appearance. During our personal consultation, I will provide you with all the information on the procedure.
I usually perform this laser-guided procedure with a unique technology ‘Beautifill by Lipolife’, which enables significant tightening of excess skin, thus allowing treatment of skin deposits and fat reserves without the need for a face and neck lift.
I am glad to inform you that the quick surgical procedure of chin liposuction has no side effects.

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A Personal Tip:

It may seem like a small change in an “insignificant” area, but the change to the facial structure and on you is huge, which already makes it worthwhile.

Questions and Answers

This is a quick procedure that takes approximately one hour.

The purpose of this treatment is to eliminate fat that is disproportional. Chin liposuction is suitable for those who have a thin or regular build or who are slightly overweight and want to create a defined and more sculpted look, suited to his or her facial proportions. Sometimes there are substantial reserves of fat that will not all be able to be removed using laser.

As part of the routine preparation for surgery, I will ask you to perform blood tests, a chest x-ray, ECG, etc.
It is important to provide your medical history and any medications you are taking temporarily or on a regular basis.
If you smoke, you should stop smoking two weeks before the procedure and refrain from smoking for an additional two weeks following the procedure.

The procedure is performed by making a small incision under the chin and behind the ears, through which I insert a small tube (cannula) that will gently dissolve and suction excess fat that is found below the subcutaneous layers of skin and tissue. This is, in fact, how I eradicate the double chin leaving only the natural chin contour to take its place.
Making the incision, inserting the cannula and suctioning the fat only take about half an hour, the surgery is usually done under general anesthesia but if it’s a very minor suction procedure, it can be done using only local anesthesia. Afterwards elastic bandage and padding support for the chin will be applied; the day after the procedure the first bandaging can be removed and reapplied for two weeks following the surgery.

Even in chin liposuction, which is a relatively simple and easy procedure, there may be slight swelling, edema, irregularity of the skin beneath and sometimes nerve damage from the heat of the laser that can continue for a few days up to a week. Infections, hemorrhages, discomfort and localized pain can be treated with pain relief medications. The healing process includes application of an elastic bandage and a chin support pad and a compression bandage on the neck for one week. It is advised to take time off work, avoid over exertion and rest until the bandages are removed. These are required to maintain the facial-shaping postop and to prevent swelling.
During your personal consultation at the clinic, we will discuss and assess your physical and mental abilities to withstand the healing process.

At the end of the procedure, you will stay in recovery for several hours and then you will be released home, no hospitalization is needed. The area will be tightly bandaged to prevent edema and help the area settle into the newly formed shape. The special bandage will stay on the chin for a week and there may be swelling in the area that can last up to two weeks, but it will gradually decrease, and the visible result will be a new, slimed down, firm and well defined chin.

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