Self-Fat Injection Dermal Fillers

If you want to maintain a young, full, and fresh complexion, I recommend you consider self-fat facial injection treatment.
The advantage of this treatment over other treatments is the transfer of excess fat from problematic areas to an area were fat tissue is depleted.
Fat is a natural substance and implanting it in the face produces a natural appearance. Once absorbed, the fat is kept in the tissue for many years, which is a great advantage.
The treatment is a cosmetic procedure designed to fill wrinkles and restore volume to facial skin. This technique involves extracting excess fat from different areas of your body (abdomen, buttocks, hips), and then carefully injecting the self-fat into the required facial areas which lack volume, thereby treating two problematic areas in a single procedure.
This is a safe procedure that produces long-term results. Injecting self-fat into the face not only results in a youthful and fresh look but also improves the quality of the skin thanks to essential elements found in the fat cells.

About the Procedure

As the years go by and you are busy with life itself, there comes a moment when you look at yourself in the mirror and realize that time is starting to show its signs. You feel that the woman in your reflection looks tired, maybe slightly wrinkled and it is difficult for you to come to terms with your appearance.
It is important to know that this is a completely natural feeling that every woman encounters at one point or another.
Our desire to look young and beautiful is inherent by nature. Thankfully today, this desire is possible.
Innovation in today’s aesthetic medicine provides an excellent solution – self-fat facial injections.
This action is primarily intended to fill in depressions and wrinkles in the skin. The fat injection is usually performed as part of facelift surgery, or as an addition to other surgical procedures.
Loss of volume in various areas of the face, results from skin aging, sun exposure damage, drastic weight loss, smoking and more.
Facial fat injection provides an excellent solution for treating these aesthetic issues and damage to the skin over the years.

The fat injected into the face is a natural substance that is taken from your body from areas with excess "fat", thereby reducing the risk of an allergic reaction and rejection of the substance. Another advantage of injecting fat into the face is that the fat is not biodegradable and therefore the results are maintained for a long period of time.
Fat transplants can also be performed on other areas of the body such as the buttocks, breasts, sunken scars, sunken chest and other problematic areas.
Each procedure begins with a personal consultation with me, during which expectations will be coordinated. I encourage you to talk about your concerns and ask any questions that come to mind during the consultation. Understanding the process helps alleviate stress.

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כותרת סרטון הדר ישראלי מדברת על ניתוחי חזה

A Personal Tip:

Facial fat injections are a great and natural solution to make you feel wonderful with your appearance at any age and for a long time

Questions and Answers

This procedure takes approximately one hour.
After a short recovery, you can return to your home. It is advisable to take a few days to quietly recuperate at home.

If you feel that your facial skin has lost its volume over the years, and you are interested in regaining a beautiful, young and fresh appearance, I recommend this treatment.

As part of your preparation for this procedure, it is recommended to stop taking blood thinners (such as Aspirin or Coumadin), approximately two weeks before the injection.
If you are a smoker, I recommend you stop smoking at least three weeks before and after the procedure, to avoid delay in the healing process and avoid infections.
It is also advisable to avoid injecting other fillers approximately two months before performing the procedure.
The night before the procedure, it is important to thoroughly wash your face with soap and water and remove any makeup.

This procedure can be performed using a general or local anesthetic, and we will decide together the best option for you.
I then perform liposuction in areas with excess fat, such as the stomach or thighs. The extracted fat will undergo a process of filtration and processing.
In the last step, the processed fat will be gently and accurately injected back into your face, in the selected areas.

Facial fat injection is considered a very safe procedure with minimal risks. However, there may be possible risks.
Bruising and bleeding that will pass after a few days. Subcutaneous bumps as a result of non-absorption of fat.
There is always a risk of infection. However, any infection will be treated with antibiotics.
Swelling and edema will pass after a short time. It is recommended to use compresses in areas where there is swelling, to speed up the healing process.
Sometimes a condition of asymmetry is created which can be corrected with additional filling.
In most cases not all of the transplanted self-fat is absorbed. Sometimes less than 50% remains and sometimes during absorption there are subcutaneous lumps and asymmetry.
Not all injected self-fat is absorbed and sometimes during the absorption process, subcutaneous lumps and asymmetry may form.

את התוצאות הסופיות לאחר הזרקת השומן לפנים תוכלי לראות לאחר מספר חודשים, לרוב בין 3 – 4. מכיוון שזהו תהליך הדרגתי תוכלי לראות תוצאות חלקיות כבר לאחר 6 שבועות. התוצאות הסופיות שיתקבלו יכללו מראה טבעי ושיפור באיכות העור ובמרקמו.
חשוב לי לציין כי רק חלק מהשומן המוזרק נספג בעור, ולכן אני ממליצה לבצע הזרקות שומן נוספות בעתיד כדי להשיג את התוצאה הרצויה.
במהלך ההחלמה מההליך ייתכנו שטפי דם הניתנים להסתרה במייק אפ, נפיחות באזור ההזרקה ובצקות קלות שצפויות לחלוף לאחר מספר ימים.
ייתכנו גם כאבים מקומיים שיטופלו במשככי כאבים קלים כגון אקמול או אופטלגין.
במידה והיתה שאיבת שומן גדולה, האזור שממנו נלקח השומן ייחבש בחבישה אלסטית שאותה יש להסיר כחודש לאחר ההליך.
חשוב להימנע מפעילות מאומצת במשך כשבוע לאחר ההליך.
מומלץ לבצע עיסויים עדינים באזור הטיפול.
אני ממליצה להגביה את הראש במהלך השינה עם שתי כריות על מנת להפחית את הבצקות.

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