This page is dedicated to men! “Male breasts” are not just a cliché. Men expose their breasts naturally and each man’s upper torso is considered a “focal” point during courtship, their self-body image and the habit of exposing a manly figure in public. Many men who have enlarged breasts refrain from exposing their chest, due to embarrassment.
Male breasts should contoured, the muscle tissue beneath it is prominent and sculpted.
Gynecomastia is an increase and excess amount of breast tissue in boys or men, that give their chest a feminine appearance.
This has nothing to do with the amount of exercise or effort spent to look shapely and muscular, fat deposits in the breast area do not reduce, but…GOOD NEWS! There is a simple and accessible solution.

About the Procedure

If you are reading this, I understand that your chest resembles female breasts, which most probably distresses you.
This is obviously a sensitive issue, and I assure you that after we meet, you will realize that the solution and return to a normal male chest conformation is a safe and easy procedure.
Many things can trigger the causes of male breast growth and the type of surgery is affected by the causative factor.
The most common, results from a hormonal imbalance between male and female hormones during adolescence, and a higher percentage of estrogen (female hormone) can cause over-stimulation and swelling of the breast tissue (which gives a feminine appearance).
Sometimes it is adipose tissue that is part of obesity, as occurs in female breast tissue. In some cases, there may be excess skin, and this also affects the type of surgery.
Sometimes the cause is the aging process – usually hormonal.
This condition may affect one side of the chest or both and be symmetrical or asymmetrical.
In terms of surgery, it is an aesthetic surgery, since breast tissue growth is not hazardous to health, but is an aesthetic effect that impairs the sense of masculinity and is in most cases a source of embarrassment. There may be degrees of asymmetry, which are increasingly uncomfortable.

In recent decades, due to the rise in self-awareness and the current fashion of hair removal, there has been an increase in the percentage of men complaining about the condition and seeking plastic surgery to correct chest deformity.
Continuous use of different medications (anti-baldness medications or heartburn medications) marijuana use, taking steroids or hormonal instability due to an imbalance in the body between testosterone (male hormone) and estrogen (female hormone) will most likely cause Gynecomastia.
Anabolic steroids consumed by athletes can also produce the effect, as can testosterone substitutes. It is therefore important that you inform me in advance of any medication or supplement you are taking to identify the cause of the condition.
Gynecomastia can occur at any age and in fact is common as early as adolescence due to the hormonal changes that occur during puberty.

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A Personal Tip:

The presence of “female breasts” in a man is not a trivial matter. The purpose of this life-changing surgery is first and foremost to improve self-esteem and sense of masculinity and give you the confidence to expose your chest in public.

Questions and Answers

Gynecomastia surgery lasts between one to three hours. During the operation, I will remove excess breast tissue to restore a masculine appearance.

If you have been diagnosed with Gynecomastia and the cause of Gynecomastia is being treated, you can undergo this type of surgery and the good news is that there is no age limit.
If you are suffering from enlarged breasts due to being overweight, it is highly recommended that you lose weight. It is always important to combine sport activities and complete your desired appearance with surgery to remove excess skin, after you reach your target weight.
Gynecomastia may have appeared as a side effect of a drug you are taking, if your condition is caused by a hormonal disorder, the breast tissue could develop again, therefore it is necessary to first identify and treat any hormonal disorder.

As in any routine preparation for surgery, you will be required to perform blood tests, an ECG, chest x-ray etc. and, depending on your age and medical condition, an ultrasound and mammography and you may also need to see an endocrinologist.
It is important that you disclose information about your medical history and if you are taking medication temporarily or permanently. If you are a smoker, then I would recommend you stop smoking at least a month before and after surgery.

The procedure can be performed with liposuction surgery and a small incision. In cases where there is dense excess tissue that cannot easily be removed with liposuction an incision is made in the areola near the nipple. This area is less prone to scarring and after the procedure the scar is unnoticeable. If there is excess skin, I will also remove it.
Breast tissue can sometimes be removed through a distal incision in the lateral wall of the chest, known as a ‘Pull Through’ procedure.
In the case of liposuction alone, the length of the incision will be a few millimeters and it will be virtually unnoticeable. If the need arises to remove both breast and skin tissue, the incision will be slightly longer, but minimal scarring will remain.
In rare cases the surgery will consist of removing adipose tissue from the breast only and removal of excess skin will be possible a year later. This is because sometimes the skin may shrink on its own during this period and further surgical intervention may be unnecessary.
With laser-assisted liposuction, excess skin is expected to be absorbed over several months.

Gynecomastia surgery has a remarkably high success rate and even if there are complications, they are very mild, such as infection in the operated area, bleeding, edema for several weeks, usually temporary nerve damage and in rare cases asymmetry between the breasts which will need further surgery.

In the first few days after surgery, the chest may be slightly swollen and tender. You may feel local pain and bruising will appear in the affected area which will disappear within ten days following surgery.
After surgery, it is recommended to avoid strenuous physical activity and return to sport activities gradually and moderately.
You may experience tenderness or numbness in the affected area for the first few weeks following surgery, these are natural occurrences that will disappear after a few months.
At the end of the operation, the chest is dressed in a compression dressing. The goal is to ensure that the tissues connect to each other and fully settle.
It is important to wear a compression garment throughout the recovery period in order to tighten the skin.
Approximately 4 to 6 weeks following surgery you can resume physical exercise. Full recovery may take between six months to a year.
The remaining scars are almost unnoticeable. This procedure enhances quality of life for men suffering from Gynecomastia and results are noticeable immediately.

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