Modern medicine is developing innovative methods for treating body issues that bother us. For example, stubborn fat deposits…
Excess fat in our bodies can create an aged appearance and a less aesthetic body shape which can lead to a negative impact on our self-confidence in various situations (social and intimate). If you maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle that also includes exercise, and these do not yield the desired result – I recommend considering liposuction surgery.
Liposuction is a very common surgical procedure that reduces measurements, with the intention of shaping and sculpting the body, while removing stubborn excess fat.
During liposuction surgery stubborn fat deposits are removed, to produce new and aesthetic proportions for the body.

About the Procedure

Your diet was a success and you significantly managed to reduce your weight, you exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle but still cannot get rid of stubborn fat deposits?
You would like to re-sculpt your ‘problem areas’ and be able to wear flattering clothing styles.
If you want to rid yourself of unwanted ‘lumps and bumps’ that detract from your appearance, liposuction with a tummy tuck may be your answer.
Many of us tolerate stubborn fatty deposits that create a less than flattering look and refuse to disappear.
These problem areas may be genetic in origin but may also be due to other factors.
In such cases a balanced diet, toning the body combined with proper nutrition and regular exercise can achieve partial results, but the stubborn fat deposits and excess fat tissue will remain. No matter how much you exercise or diet, you will not be able to eradicate them.
Liposuction surgery is a surgical procedure that removes fatty deposits, mainly from the abdomen, waist, and buttocks. This procedure can also be performed on other parts of the body such as the arms, hips, calves, and even stubborn neck fat.
Each patient has specific areas they consider to be a problem and therefore have different expectations from this procedure. I work on an individual customized approach for each patient, with the intention to improve the contours of the body.
In general, the human body contains a fixed number of fat cells. In obesity the volume of each fat cell expands.
During the procedure, fat cells are suctioned out of the body in order to re-sculpt problem areas and a reduction in the number of fat cells in the treated area of ​​the body.

The procedure itself is performed under general or local anesthesia depending on the type of surgery and your health condition.

During our consultation we will talk about contours and the alignment of areas that include fat deposits and also discuss contours that cannot be repaired for various reasons, such as muscle weakness, skin that has lost elasticity or hernias.
Some patients have skin with poor elasticity so liposuction will make their skin look appear wrinkled or ‘flabby’.
In some procedures I perform laser assisted liposuction, that tightens the skin in the suction area.
During this procedure, it is also possible to combine fat injections for the purpose of shaping another area, for example shaping the buttocks, breasts, or injecting fat into facial areas.
During the consultation, you will be advised what can and cannot be corrected with liposuction.
Plastic surgery is not an exact science, each person has their own unique anatomy, which is why pre-surgery consultation and coordination of expectations are essential.
The resulting appearance following surgical procedures is dependent on many factors, including your general health, the condition of the skin, age, weight, hormonal effects and more.
I can assure you our specialized plastic surgery clinics, we fully and carefully examine you and your medical history and devise an individualized personal program and reach a consensus of what is realistic for each client.

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A Personal Tip:

For maximum benefit, I recommend performing liposuction when you are more or less at the ideal weight you want to be, as gaining / losing weight will affect the outcome.

Questions and Answers

Between one and two hours. The duration of surgery depends on the number of areas from which fat is extracted.

The surgery is suitable for adults with elastic and firm skin, and without significant excess tissue, who wish to remove excess fat that diet and sports cannot eliminate.

You will be asked to perform blood tests and avoid medications that affect clotting times, two weeks before the operation, such as Aspirin, Nurofen, Vitamin E and Omega 3.
You will be asked to stop smoking at least a month before surgery.
In cases of abdominal liposuction, an abdominal ultrasound may be necessary.
It is important to arrive for the procedure with someone who will accompany you following discharge.

The procedure is performed under general or local anesthesia, at the discretion of Dr. Hadar Israeli, and completed with closing the incisions using soluble sutures. You will be discharged home with a compression garment appropriate for the areas treated.

Following surgery there may be loss of sensation in the treated area, or localized pain, this varies from person to person.
There are cases of loss of sensation, or hypersensitivity that may continue for a longer period of time.
Sometimes the skin over the treated area remains loose. People with high fat concentrations are more likely to be affected by this following liposuction and may require additional surgery to remove excess skin, in order to achieve optimal results.
The most common complication is the formation of distortions under the skin as a result of significant weight changes following the procedure, therefore, it is advisable to attain your ideal weight, prior to the procedure.

You will usually be discharged on the day of the procedure, without overnight hospitalization. For at least a week after the procedure, the treated area will look swollen, and there may be bruising.
Pressure garments will help reduce swelling and gradually any discomfort, swelling and bruising will disappear.

Before and after

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